Getting started with Shared Workspaces


If you are part of a CoEDL corpus or collaborative project, or you have a great deal of files you need to store as you get them ready to archive[1], we can provide you with a solution for mid-term storage and easy file transfer.  CoEDL has arranged for shared drives to be established and housed at INTERSECT, allowing secure access for you and your selected collaborators.  This is similar to a share-drive or an SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). You (and your team) can log in, create folders, upload and download files. This is a great way to transfer large files, especially if you and your collaborators are working in different locations.

Becoming an Intersect user

The first thing you need to do to get started is to become an Intersect user. You do this simply by navigating to this site:

You are then asked to log in using your AAF shibboleth. Select your institution and you will be prompted to type in your Uni log-in and password. For those without an AAF (i.e. not at an AUS institution), please contact the CoEDL Data Manager ( to see about creating an AAF virtual VPN log-in.

When you first log into Intersect, you are added as an Intersect user. When you get this screen, press CONFIRM.

This screen shows you that you are successfully in the system; your name appears to the upper right.

Once this happens, you can be added to your designated share drives. You will have access to a SHARE such as S01022-COEDL-SocCog seen below.

Click on the link of the SHARE you want to interact with. You will only see shares you have been given access to. They are listed in the left-side panel.

Installing Aspera Connect

When you click on your share link, a third-party software, Aspera Connect, prompts you to download their latest version. This message in the blue banner pops up even if you have installed the software. If you have installed it already, just run the program (see below for instructions). If you have not already installed it, do so. If you do not, you will not be able to interact with files in your SHARE drive.  As you can see in the image below, the Download, Upload File, and Upload Folder tabs are greyed out. You need to install and run Aspera Connect to activate those functions.

You may either download it from the link in the blue banner, or you can get it here: This download page offers you the version for the computer you are accessing the webpage from. If you are on a PC and want to download a Mac or version for a different computer, go here:

Once you download it and install it, refresh the page and then gain access to those functions. They should look like this now, as dark and as activated as the other buttons.

If you have Aspera Connect already installed and you see your home page with the greyed out buttons, it means that you don’t have Aspera Connect running.

How to run Aspera once it is already installed

In windows, go to the start menu and run the program.

You will then see it in your task bar as an active, running program.

Once it is activated, refresh your webpage and you will have access to those functions.

The default location for downloading files from your share is your Desktop. If you want to change this, you need to do so in the Aspera Preferences. One way is to right-click on the Aspera icon in the task bar, select Preferences… 

Or you can click on the icon and the Transfers window opens up:

From here you can get to the Preferences by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the box. Just Browse to your download location of choice.

For Macs, if you have already downloaded Aspera Connect, once you log in to the Shares page, Aspera Connect should automatically run. You can confirm this by finding it active in the Dock:

When downloading a file, you may be presented with this request. Click Allow.

The Aspera transfer window will open. The cog settings icon is in the lower left corner.

Then when you click on the cog, the Preferences dialog box opens. The default download location is on the desktop, but here is where you can change where your files are downloaded.

Alternatively, to access Preferences… you can just click on the Aspera Connect in your Dock, and then go up to your application menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and click on Aspera Connect and select Preferences…

[1] A CoEDL CI would need to approve of the allocation of space for non-corpus, non-collaborative purposes.

After reading through this guide, if you still have questions, or you wish to request a service, feel free to email me (, or better, visit the CoEDL Service Request Form. CoEDL members use the Member login at the bottom of the CoEDL webpage. Then click the General Members tab, the link to the request form is in the left-hand panel.

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