Tool & Methods Summit

1-3 June


Plenary panel that sets out needs/issues from four perspectives:

Anna Margetts (fieldwork)
Nick Evans (typology)
Gary Holton (archiving)
Damir Cavar (developer)


Thomas Schmidt

An Offline/Online Mobile & Web Dictionary Platform for Crowd-Managed Dictionaries

Kellen Parker van Dam

Chunk, Slice, Dice, Wrap and Pack–A modular and mobile approach to common annotation tasks

Andrew Margetts

Dictionaries of ritual texts and manuscripts - experiences in working with The Tai Ahom online dictionary and the Tangsa song language dictionary

Stephen Morey 

Lessons from TRICL1: (How) can an under-supported community researcher effectively conduct an independent language documentation project?

Mark Post

Procedures and methods in the digital archive of the Museu Goeldi

Denny Moore

Grammatical description online: bringing Heath's Nunggubuyu into the 21st century

Simon Musgrave

FLAT: an Islandora-based CLARIN compatible repository solution

Paul Trilsbeek

CLDF - data formats for cross-linguistic data

Robert Forkel

Unified linguistic corpora from diverse data sources

Daniel Kaufman

Demonstration of Slicem – An online/offline, syncing, mobile-friendly, web-app for annotating chunked audio

Andrew Margetts

Speeding up transcription and related analysis: views of two user groups

Caroline Jones

Annotation tool ELAN and Simple-ELAN

Han Sloetjes

Results of the metadata tool survey

Nick Thieberger

Daly Languages Database

Rachel Nordlinger

Searching annotated corpora: Scientific questions and methods

Amina Mettouchi

Searching annotated corpora: Developing tools around ELAN

Christian Chanard

Building a cross-language corpus for typological research in referentiality

Stefan Schnell

INEL project and perspectives on metadata managing software

Alexandre Arkhipov

The state and prospects of a HTML5 Web app

Felix Rau


Forced alignment of language documentation data using MAUS

Jan Strunk

Text-to-phonemes for Australian languages

Erich Round

Using forced alignment for Barunga Kriol

Caroline Jones

Generating speech tools and corpora for unwritten endangered languages: Chatino

Damir Cavar

Tools for semantic typology: the challenge of naturalness

Nick Evans

UniParser 3.0: A universal morphological description formalism and a parser

Alexandre Arkhipov

Concept and work behind GORILLA

Damir Cavar

Elan <=> Flex interoperability

John Mansfield

What makes a good interchange format or why can't we all get along?

Jason Naylor

Regularization and Normalization of Toolbox Files

Jan Strunk

EOPAS - directions in 2016

Nick Thieberger

Importance of good docs for open source apps - MuseumVictoria, Jila and EOPAS

Ben Foley

A TEI based ISO standard for spoken language transcription (and its application to language documentation data)

Thomas Schmidt


Bridging between language documentation, computational and theoretical linguistics, and natural language processing

Damir Cavar

Open Language Archives Community: An update on status and direction

Gary Simons

OLAC viewer - towards a documentation index

Nick Thieberger

Glottolog and Concepticon - two reference catalogs for cross-linguistic data

Robert Forkel

Treasure Language Storytelling: Community-based language documentation

Steven Bird

Web technologies: A vital new direction for linguistic tools

Mat Bettinson

Plenary panel that summarises issues discussed over the past 3 days from four perspectives: 

Anna Margetts (fieldwork)
Nick Evans (typology)
Gary Holton (archiving)
Damir Cavar (developer)

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University