6 June 2019

In conversation with Professor Kim Sterelny

Professor Kim Sterelny, leader of the Language Evolution program at the Centre, speaks with Dr Rosey Billington about his life's work and current research interests. See more...

17 May 2019

Public lecture: The genius of Australian Indigenous languages 

On 6 February, Professor Rachel Nordlinger, one of the country’s foremost experts on Australian Indigenous languages, explained their unique importance to an audience of hundreds. See more...

2 April 2019

Seminar: The 'ecology' of deaf sign languages in PNG

In this seminar, Lauren Reed, Alan Rumsey and local advisor John Onga outline their work documenting these barely studied languages and present one fascinatng case study from the Western Highlands. See more...

25 February 2019

Language Keepers Conference - Why Indigenous Languages Matter

Director Nick Evans joins Professor Rawinia Higgins, Professor Jakelin Troy and Chair Dan Bourchier to explore why language revival is vital to the future of Indigenous communities. Read more...

24 February 2018

Language Keepers Conference: Voices from the Archives

Significant recordings of Indigenous languages are held in archival collections. In this session, Associate Professor Nick Thieberger and Dr Shirleene Robinson look into how these recordings can assist Indigenous communities to revive or relearn their culture (Note). Read more...

8 January 2019

PARADISEC collection and management

Amanda Harris presents on the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures to a meeting for language centre managers on Managing Language Collections, held in conjunction with the WANALA Forum at Batchelor in October 2018. See more...

27 September 2018

Video: Nick Evans on the language of poetry in Indigenous Australian song

In this public lecture, Professor Nick Evans gives a glimpse into the richness of the poetic language found across a number of Australian indigenous traditions. See more…

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