11 June 2020

Public Lecture - 100 years of Australian English: From Builders to Millennials - Catherine Travis

Public Lecture given by CoEDL Chief Investigator Catherine Travis held on 3 February at the State Library of Queensland as part of CoEDL's annual centre gathering

28 May 2020

Panel discussion for Still in my mind: Gurindji location, experience and visuality

As part of Reconciliation Week activities at SA Museum is the panel discussion for the 'Still in my mind' exhibition involving Brenda L Croft, Leah Leaman, Maurie Ryan Japarta, Lea Gardam, Jared Thomas (MC) and CoEDL CI Felicity Meakins.

24 May 2020

Linguistics in the Pub: fieldwork at a distance

5 March 2020

Transcription Acceleration with Ben Foley

Ben Foley is the Manager of the Centre's Transcription Acceleration Project (TAP) initiative. TAP brings cutting-edge machine learning technology within reach of people speaking and working with some of the world's oldest languages, by optimising workflows and supporting the development of new transcription tools.

21 February 2020

Meet Alan Rumsey

Alan Rumsey is a Chief Investigator at CoEDL and Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at The Australian National University. He has spent decades researching the cultures of Highland New Guinea and Aboriginal Australia, with a focus on speech genres and relations among language, culture and intersubjectivity. His current collaboration with CoEDL PhD scholar Lauren Reed is on a study of a sign language in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. See more...

20 February 2020

Podcast: Beyond words: In the field with indigenous languages

In this podcast episode from the University of Melbourne, they speak with researchers who venture into the world's remotest corners in their quest to understand what little-known languages may have to teach us about the way humans communicate.

episode 4 podcast

14 February 2020

Meet Professor Anthony Woodbury

Tony, who is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Austin, has served on the Centre's Advisory Committee since CoEDL’s inception. See more...

12 February 2020

Ngarrahyangwurlkiyan - the Dalabon Language Channel

Nick Evans (Bangardi) and elder Manuel Pamkal (Kodjok) bring the endangered Dalabon language of northern Australia to life, subtitled in Dalabon and English. Enjoy – and stay tuned!  See more...

11 February 2020

Meet Paola Escudero

Paola Escudero, a Chief Investigator in the Centre, investigates the many factors that may help children learn and is a champion of Australia’s cultural diversity and multilingual potential. See more...

10 February 2020

Meet Rachel Nordlinger

Professor Rachel Nordlinger is a Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, the Director of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language at the University of Melbourne, and one of the country’s foremost experts on Australian Indigenous languages.  See more...

16 January 2020

Meet Jane Simpson

Professor Jane Simpson is the Deputy Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language and the inaugural Chair of Indigenous linguistics at ANU. See more ...

20 December 2019

Podcast: In conversation with Professor Nicholas Evans

Director Nick Evans

In this interview, Centre Director Nick Evans sits down with Dr James Grama to talk all things language sciences – and a few things not. You've met Nick the linguist – now meet Nick the human!

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

Nick Evans podcast interview link

17 December 2019

Meet Bethwyn Evans

Centre Chief Investigator Bethwyn Evans is a researcher and lecturer in historical linguistics in the School of Culture, History and Language at the Australian National University. See more...

4 December 2019

Meet Janet Fletcher

Centre Chief Investigator Janet Fletcher is Professor of Phonetics in the School of Languages and Linguistics at The University of Melbourne, where she is also a member of the Research Unit for Indigenous Language. See more...

28 November 2019

Meet Caroline Jones

Centre Chief Investigator Caroline Jones is an Associate Professor within the Speech & Language Program and the Director of Impact & Engagement of the MARCS Institute at Western Sydney University. See more...

22 November 2019

Meet Felicity Meakins

Centre Chief Investigator Felicity Meakins is Associate Professor at the School of Languages and Cultures at The University of Queensland, an ARC Future Fellow, and specialist in Australian Indigenous languages. See more...

14 November 2019

Meet Nick Thieberger

Chief Investigator Nicholas Thieberger is Associate Professor and ARC Future Fellow in the School of Languages and Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. In 2003 he helped establish the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Resources in Endangered Languages (PARADISEC), and is now its Director. See more...

12 November 2019

Meet Catherine Travis

Chief Investigator Catherine Travis is Professor of Modern European Languages in the School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics at ANU. Her work addresses questions related to language evolution, probing the impact of linguistic and social factors on language variation and change. See more...

23 October 2019

Solomon Island speakers

During the ‘Understanding our languages: Solomon Islands’ workshop in Honiara, 15 multilingual Solomon Islanders, speaking at least 35 local languages between them, were asked to talk about what’s important and special about their languages.

9 October 2019

Early Language Inventory

The ERLI is a parent checklist of first words and gestures designed with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Find out more... 

13 September 2019

The Linguistics of the Internet

At last year’s Summer School, blogger, podcaster and prominent linguistic communicator Gretchen McCulloch gave a public lecture and a foretaste of her upcoming bookBecause Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language. See more...

29 August 2019

Language Across Time

In this special, four linguists guided students through some of the ways in which historical linguistics can be a window onto the human past – both recent and remote – and respond to students’ questions. See more...

30 July 2019

Manyardi songs make us remember

Traditional custodians from Warruwi community in western Arnhem Land (NT), David Manmurulu, Jenny Manmurulu, Rupert Manmurulu and Jamie Milpurr joined with researchers to present the Garrurru public lecture, centred around the Inyjalarrku ‘Mermaid’ song-set, an important part of their cultural heritage. See more...

28 June 2019

Studying the vernacular in the vernacular – Luqa literacy in the Solomon Islands

In this public lecture, Dr Alpheaus Graham Zobule takes the audience on the fascinating 20-year journey of the Kulu Language Institute in the Solomon Islands, which he founded and continues to direct. See more...

20 June 2019

In conversation with Professor Janet Wiles

In this interview, Janet speaks about her life’s work and current research interests with Amanda Hamilton-Hollaway, a PhD candidate with Centre. See more...

6 June 2019

In conversation with Professor Kim Sterelny

Professor Kim Sterelny, leader of the Language Evolution program at the Centre, speaks with Dr Rosey Billington about his life's work and current research interests. See more...

17 May 2019

Public lecture: The genius of Australian Indigenous languages 

On 6 February, Professor Rachel Nordlinger, one of the country’s foremost experts on Australian Indigenous languages, explained their unique importance to an audience of hundreds. See more...

2 April 2019

Seminar: The 'ecology' of deaf sign languages in PNG

In this seminar, Lauren Reed, Alan Rumsey and local advisor John Onga outline their work documenting these barely studied languages and present one fascinatng case study from the Western Highlands. See more...

25 February 2019

Language Keepers Conference - Why Indigenous Languages Matter

Director Nick Evans joins Professor Rawinia Higgins, Professor Jakelin Troy and Chair Dan Bourchier to explore why language revival is vital to the future of Indigenous communities. Read more...

24 February 2019

Language Keepers Conference: Voices from the Archives

Significant recordings of Indigenous languages are held in archival collections. In this session, Associate Professor Nick Thieberger and Dr Shirleene Robinson look into how these recordings can assist Indigenous communities to revive or relearn their culture (Note). Read more...

1 February 2019

Meet Professor Rachel Nordlinger

Professor Rachel Nordlinger talks with PhD scholar Catalina Torres about her work in describing, documenting and analysing indigenous languages, delving into theoretical paradigms, and what inspires her about working with Australian Aboriginal communities. See more ...

8 January 2019

PARADISEC collection and management

Amanda Harris presents on the Pacific And Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures to a meeting for language centre managers on Managing Language Collections, held in conjunction with the WANALA Forum at Batchelor in October 2018. See more...

27 September 2018

Video: Nick Evans on the language of poetry in Indigenous Australian song

In this public lecture, Professor Nick Evans gives a glimpse into the richness of the poetic language found across a number of Australian indigenous traditions. See more…

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