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Zoom Workshop: Phrase-based language learning resources, 24 Sept

Outreach, Technology, University of Queensland

Date: 23 September 2020

Workshop: Phrase-based language learning resources

Presenter: Mark Richards, CoEDL, WSU and UQ

When: 24 Sept 2020, 10am-12pm

Where: via zoom (


A key goal in language revitalisation is promoting independent learning and teaching by adult Indigenous community members. In this workshop I will introduce a new model to encourage independent language learning in a context where there are very few speakers of the target language through the use of technology. The model was developed as a result of research conducted together with the Jilkminggan community, an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. In particular, I will show how a bank of archival audio utterances organised into functional domains important to adult learners, can scaffold language learning to provide an effective self-teaching resource. I will then discuss a project using an iterative user-centred design process to develop an app based on language chunks to support the learning of Mangarrayi, the traditional language of Jilkminggan. I will conclude by drawing together some key elements that this project and the research on which it is based suggest for the development of effective learning resources in a revitalisation context.

Mark RichardsBio:

Mark Richards is doing a 6-month postdoc with CoEDL-UQ, working on developing methods and materials to assist in the design of language technologies around teaching. This workshop introduces his ideas to UQ staff and students. CoEDLers from all nodes are welcome.

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