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Workshop: Australian morphologies beyond the morpheme

Shape, University of Queensland

Date: 29 March 2015

The Centre supported a successful all-day event at the University of Queensland on the topic of 'Australian morphologies beyond the morpheme' on Sunday 29 March. Speakers included Stephen R. Anderson (discussant, Yale), Brett Baker (Melbourne), Nick Evans (ANU), Mark Harvey (Newcastle), Harold Koch (ANU), Felicity Meakins (UQ), Rachel Nordlinger (Melbourne) and Erich Round (UQ).

The workshop focused on departures from the classic morpheme which are not uncommon in the descriptions of Australian languages; specifically zero morphs, empty morphs and superfluous morphs. The aim in doing this is was to examine individual cases, clarify their nature, and explore their implications.

The poster below was presented by Owen Edwards (ANU). Right-click and select 'View image' to enlarge.


Poster on Uab Meto metathesis, by poster boy Owen Edwards


More detail on the workshop can be found here.





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