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The second annual CoEDL Fest, WSU, 7-11 February 2016

Date: 7 February 2016

CoEDL Fest is the Centre's annual get together for its core team and advisory board, and was held just as the newsletter goes to press. 

Although not open to the wider public, it is timed to coincide with two public lectures: Being Language (on Monday 8 February) and Talking with Robots (Tueday 9 February). 

Those who attended CoEDL Fest can log-in to the members area for full details on the program, registration, travel and accommodation. 

The week-long program was designed to resolve several competing desiderata. It gave the widely-distributed Centre members an opportunity to find outwhat’s happening at the hosting local node, Western Sydney University, through featured research projects and talks at MARCS, but at the same time it gave a chance for people from the four nodes and beyond to explore the theme of 'complexity' through the plenaries, unified session and poster exhibitions. There were also scheduled slots later in the week oriented to a range of professional and public-outreach topics, and to the archiving and technology threads.

Finally, CoEDL Fest is the one time each year when all Centre members get the chance to come together in one place to discuss all matters of interest to our four research programs. Our goal of becoming more than the sum of our parts, growing new synapses across our individual neurons, is best served by the many unscripted conversations we want the program to stimulate in the free spaces, coffee breaks and crevices in the schedule.

The 2017 CoEDL Fest will be held at the University of Queensland node.

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