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Successful lexicography workshop at the University of Melbourne

Shape, University of Melbourne

Date: 21 April 2015

Over fifty participants from around Australia attended a lexicography workshop at the University of Melbourne between 21-22 April this year.

Hosted by the CoEDL Shape program the event featured presentations from Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, Jenny Green, Aung Si, Myf Turpin, Mary Laugren, David Wilkins, Nick Evans, Anna Margetts and Murray Garde.

The workshop specifically addressed interesting linguistic issues that languages present for dictionary development, as well as the various ways in which linguists might approach these in the development process. Moving beyond the traditional seminar format, each presentation was opened to structured discussion with the aim of sounding out new approaches in lexicography.



Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins

IMG_2817 Anna Margetts, "You should have seen the one that got away"

IMG_2833 Murray Garde

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