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NWAV Asia Pacific 5, Brisbane, 1-3 Feb 2018

University of Queensland

Date: 28 February 2017

NWAV Asia Pacific is the sister conference of NWAV, focusing on the quantitative analysis of variation and change across the Asia-Pacific region, including speech communities, multilingualism, urbanization and migration, sociophonetics, style-shifting, language contact, variation in minority languages, dialect variation and change, dialect contact, variation in acquisition, language change across the lifespan, perceptual dialectology, and other related topics such as technological resources for sociolinguistic research.

NWAV-AP5 will be held at the University of Queensland on 1-3 February 2018. An optional Masterclass with Penny Eckert on 31 January 2018 will be run in conjunction with NWAV-AP5. 

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  • The University of Queensland
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