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Louise Baird: 'Keo Pride: Language and Identity on Facebook', 14 August 2015

Australian National University, Shape

Date: 14 August 2015

When: 11am-12.30pm, 14 August 2015

Where: Seminar Room B (Arndt Room), HC Coombs Building (9), Fellows Road, ANU, Canberra

Louise BairdOver the years the number of Keo speakers using Facebook has steadily risen, and where once their Facebook interactions were almost exclusively in Indonesian, these days there is a noticeable increase in the use of Keo. In this seminar I will look at how it appears that the Keo language has become a source of cultural pride in the new Facebook genre amongst the Keo speaking diaspora who have typically turned their backs on their language. We will see that Facebook has become an avenue for ethnic Keo to express and affirm their cultural identity, partially through the use of their language.

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  • Australian National University
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