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Linguistics in the Pub, 10 April

University of Melbourne

Date: 29 March 2019

Melbourne Linguistics in the Pub - Second Dialect Acquisition

Discussion led by: Chloe Diskin (University of Melbourne)

Date:       Wednesday 10th April

Time:       6:00 - 8:00 pm

Venue:     Function room, Naughton's Hotel (NOTE: BACK TO OLD VENUE)

Address: 43 Royal Parade, Parkville,


Research into sociolinguistics and language variation shows that our accents are not fixed or static, and can change throughout the lifespan. The way we speak can also shift depending on who we are speaking to, what we are speaking about, and how we position ourselves in given moments in interaction with others. These changes are all the more apparent among highly mobile individuals, such as migrants, expatriates or international students, who frequently move between cities, regions and countries. As they move, they gain more exposure to speakers of different languages, accents and dialects, and they also experience changes in social mobility, friendship networks and in their personal and professional identities. This discussion will draw on my ongoing research with Irish migrant professionals in Australia, where I use sociophonetics to look at accent change over time. I investigate whether some aspects of accent are more easily acquired than others, and the role that identity and motivation can play in both the conscious and unconscious processes behind our speech production and perception.

Note: My own accent may vary throughout the course of our discussion :)

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