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Lecture: The Linguistics of the Internet, 29 November

Australian National University, Summer School

Date: 3 October 2018

Join us for the 2018 CoEDL Summer School public lecture on Thursday 29 November:

Public Lecture: The Linguistics of the Internet: Why online language matters

Speaker: Gretchen McCulloch, Co-creator of ‘Lingthusiasm’

When: Thursday 29 November 2018, 6.30pm

Where: HC Coombs Lecture Theatre, #8A Fellows Rd, Australian National University (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE)



Linguistics as a field traditionally treats spoken language as its primary area of inquiry. Unscripted, face-to-face spoken or signed conversations are thought to be where we tap into our linguistic intuitions most deeply, untouched by editing or prescriptive grammatical advice. In this public lecture, blogger, podcaster and linguistic communicator extraordinaire Gretchen McCulloch will show why we should expand the domain of investigation to informal written language - the sort found in text messages and social media posts. In doing so, we can answer some longstanding linguistic questions, such as where to draw the boundaries on dialect maps. We can also ask new ones, such as how people are using emoji and punctuation to give writing a sense of gesture and tone of voice.

Gretchen McCulloch is:

An internet linguist who explores the language of the internet, for the people of the internet. She is writing a book in defence of internet language which is coming out in mid-2019. She is the co-creator of ‘Lingthusiasm’, a podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics. Gretchen McCulloch holds a Master’s in Linguistics from McGill University and is interested in bridging the gap between linguistics and the general public including through media, #lingwiki Wikipedia editathons, and her blog All Things Linguistic. When not linguist-ing, she likes fancy hats, indie ice cream shops and fiction that expands her horizons.

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