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Language practices and language policies in multilingual contexts

Gillian Wigglesworth, Learning, University of Melbourne

Date: 8 November 2016

Where: University of Melbourne

When: Thursday 6th - Friday 7th April 2017




Professor Gillian Wigglesworth, University of Melbourne
Professor Elizabeth Lanza, University of Oslo

Keynote: Globalization, its discontents, and the future of multilingualism (or why language learning is more critical than ever)
Keynote Speaker: Professor Kendall King, University of Minnesota
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Keynote abstract: 
The world is presently facing the most massive refugee crisis of the last century with millions displaced and struggling to (re)settle; simultaneously, thousands of languages are at risk of extinction. In light of the most recent wave of globalization as well as world-wide reactionary moves towards nationalism and xenophobia, this talk reviews current research advances in our understanding of multilingualism, and suggests how multilingual policies can help meet many of current challenges presented by globalisation.

Workshop Focus:

This seminar/workshop is a collaboration between the Learning Program of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language and the MultiFam Project of the Norwegian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (MultiLing). The workshop will explore the role of policy and practice at both the family and the community level. The role of the family is crucial in language and cultural maintenance, as well as!in!language!shift,!but!how families are defined in examining these processes has been under-examined, as are the ways in which these processes are manifested across multilingual settings.

This workshop will focus on issues related to family and community language policy and issues related to the transmission of languages across generations. 

Empirical and theoretical contributions related to the topic are invited. Those with a focus around transmission to children are particularly welcome.


There are a number of well-priced accommodation options available around the University of Melbourne campus.

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