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Forum on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Discrimination in Relation to Migration

Australian National University

Date: 27 October 2017

Friday 10 November 2017, 9.00am-5:00pm

Engma Room (Coombs Building, 5019), Australian National University

Despite much rhetoric around the importance of social integration of migrants in Australia, in practice, various forms of discrimination impede such integration. Discrimination is rationalised, and institutionalised, through the imposition of gatekeeping mechanisms based on language, race, and religion, which reduces migrants’ access to healthcare, employment and more general economic and social participation. This forum brings together researchers from across a range of fields to consider different approaches to discrimination, giving insight from the perspectives of Health, International Justice, Law, Linguistics, and Psychology. The day will close with a plenary session by Ingrid Piller, discussing linguistic discrimination from the broader perspective of social justice.

Organised by Catherine Travis and Ksenia Gnevsheva

This forum is sponsored by the ANU Migration, Mobility and Movement Network and the 
 Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language.



Coffee and welcome, CoEDL Tea Room

9:30 – 10:00

Social-Psychological Analyses of Prejudice
Michael Platow


The Influence of Individual Differences in Personality, Values and Morality of Ethnocentrism and Discrimination
Boris Bizumic


The role of language tests in migration
Susy Macqueen


Vulnerability and martyrdom: discrimination and the perversion of virtues in Australian refugee law 
Matthew Zagor 


Early lunch, CoEDL Tea Room


The 'Undesirable Citizen', the 'Ideal Citizen' and the Racialisation of Australian Citizenship Law 
Anne Macduff


The institutional discrimination of humanitarian migrants in Australia  
Ibolya Losoncz


Accent-based discrimination
Ksenia Gnevsheva & Catherine Travis




Afternoon tea, CoEDL Tea Room


Keynote: Language shaming: enacting linguistic subordination
Ingrid Piller, Macquarie University


Drinks, CoEDL Tea Room

Last day of registration: 8th November, 2017

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