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Elan Interlinearization Workshop, 13 Feb

Australian National University

Date: 8 November 2019

Workshop: Elan Interlinearization 

When: February 13 - 9:30am - 1pm

Where: Engma Room (3.165), HC Coombs Building, ANU

Run by: Danielle Barth & Stephanie Yam


Recent updates to ELAN have included the ability to parse and gloss texts directly in ELAN using the Interlinearization mode. This has been a boon to those of us moving material back and forth between ELAN and other software such as FLEX. However using this ELAN mode requires some tricky file set up and the follow up after using the parsers may be unintuitive for many people.

We have worked through some bugs and now feel like we could offer some advice to those who want to start bottom up parsing and glossing their texts in ELAN instead of FLEX or Toolbox, as well as those who want to transition into using ELAN instead of other tools.

After a brief ELAN refresher, we will cover:

  • Moving a dictionary into ELAN or starting one from scratch
  • File setup required to do interlinearization
  • Breaking texts up into words, and running the parsers and glossers
  • Filling in the gaps
  • Debugging
  • Team workflow

We will use Matukar Panau data as an example case to work through and then in the last part of the workshop help researchers with their own data.

Because of the hands-on nature of this workshop, attendance is capped at 15 people.

The workshop will include a small morning tea.

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University