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APPEN mentoring opportunities, 31 Oct

Australian National University

Date: 27 October 2016

Simon Hammond from APPEN, will be visiting ANU on Monday 31st October at 4pm, in the Engma Room (5019), in the HC Coombs Building. People interested in mentoring from Appen, or generally learning more about Appen, are invited to meet him.

The mentorships are suitable for people with language datasets that they are working on, or beginning to work on, and would focus on providing technical training and support in relation to:

(1) language data processing 

(2) linguistic annotations 

(3) ensuring the quality and consistency of language data

-- these being Appen's core areas of expertise, including with a view to the application of statistical modelling/machine learning, where that is relevant.

Some possible areas of mentoring would be:

  • Development of regular expressions, python and bash scripting skills: Appen can give training in basic regular expressions (regex), python and bash scripting skills to assist with data processing, formatting, clean-up, consistency checking, etc.;
  • Defining the researcher's needs in technical terms: Appen can assist in determining whether a script or other technical solution can help with managing the language data in question and then working with an Appen programmer to meet that need;
  • Prosodic analysis (Appen has experience in large-scale prosodic annotation of languages, including conversational speech and in ensuring the validity and consistency of annotations). 
  • Improving annotation consistency and quality:  Appen can assist with the application or creation of scripts to find annotation errors and inconsistencies, and in some cases, to auto-correct them;
  • Data formatting or convertibility issues:  Appen can assist in developing conversion scripts to apply to the mentee's data, so it can be used in the tools of their choice;
  • Resolving orthographic inconsistency:  Appen can provide an approach to resolving major orthographic inconsistencies and apply scripts to assist in the process;
  • Generic project management skills: Appen can provide training in using work breakdown structures to simplify complex tasks; balancing budget, time and quality constraints; etc.

For more information email Jane Simpson,

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University