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ANU-CoEDL ZOOM Seminar: Benefits of Interlinear Glossed Texts for Computational and Documentary Linguistics, Sarah Moeller, 4 Dec

Australian National University

Date: 23 November 2020

Seminar: Benefits of Interlinear Glossed Texts for Computational and Documentary Linguistics

Speaker: Sarah Moeller, University of Colorado Boulder

When: 4 Dec 2020, 11am (AEDT)

Where: via zoom (please email for zoom link invitation)


One of the largest annotated linguistic resources available in many endangered or low-resource languages is interlinear glossed texts (IGT). IGT are a common documentary output and provide a foundation for most descriptive work. As computational linguistics expands to a broader range of languages, it is encountering a dearth of annotated resources which are needed to train state-of-the-art supervised machine learning. This talk will look at how IGT are being leveraged in computational research. It will then explore the potential of such research to speed documentary work, assist linguistic research, and enhance language maintenance activities. The talk will conclude with a brief discussion of issues that make IGT difficult to use. Knowing the potential uses for IGT and the problematic issues that appear during documentation might allow linguists working with endangered languages to receive greater benefit from computational methods.

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University