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Abralin ao Vivo recorded: Australia's linguistic landscape

Felicity Meakins, Outreach

Date: 17 July 2020

Abralin ao Vivo recorded session: Australia's linguistic landscape

Presenters: Jaky Troy, Felicity Meakins, Kate Burridge, John Hajek and Ingrid Piller

Moderator: Ilana Mushin


Australia’s history stretches back at least 60,000 years with ancient settlement by its First Nations Peoples across the vast island country, uninterrupted by further external migration until its colonisation by the British in 1788 and a further explosion of migration from war-torn Europe from the middle 20th century and many other parts of the world since then. The languages spoken in Australia today are reflection of this unique history: First Nations languages capturing the continuity of the world’s oldest living cultures as well as the impacts of colonisation, varieties of English that reflect the mix of British colonial rule over an every increasing diversity of linguistic and cultural heritages; and the languages of more recent migrants that echo the places from whence they came.

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  • Australian Government
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