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Abralin ao Vivo – Linguists Online, July 2020

Date: 1 July 2020

Abralin ao Vivo – Linguists Online has a daily schedule of lectures and panel session with distinguished linguists from all over the world (including a few from our CoEDL community) and from all subdisciplines. These activities will be broadcast online, on an open and interactive platform. The broadcasts will be freely available.

The full programme is available however we thought we would highlight just a few sessions where our CoEDL members are taking part: 

7 July 8pm (8 July 9am AEST) Language Variation and Change, Australia
Participants: Celeste Rodriguez Louro, Catherine Travis, John Mansfield, Gerry Docherty and James Walker

9 July 8pm (10 July 9am AEST) Australia's First Nations Languages: Lessons for Linguistics
Participants: Clint Bracknell, Rob Mailhammer, Marija Tabain, Rachel Nordlinger. Alice Gaby, Ilana Mushin; Moderator is Maia Ponsonnet

14 July 8am (14 July 9pm AEST) Gender: New Horizons
Presenter: Greville Corbett

16 July 7pm (17 July 8am AEST) Australia's linguistic landscape
Participants: Jaky Troy, Felicity Meakins, Kate Burridge, John Hajak, Ingrid Piller; Moderator: Ilana Mushin

20 July 8pm (21 July 9am AEST) Whose Here and WHose there? Double Perspective and the Lexicogrammar of Social Cognition
Presenter: Nick Evans

28 July 7pm (29 July 8am AEST) Fieldwork: Working With Communities at a Distance
Participants: Emiliana Cruz, Ruth Singer, Stephen Morey, Claire Bowern

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University