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Video: Meet Caroline Jones

Caroline Jones, Learning, Western Sydney University

Date: 9 December 2019

Centre Chief Investigator Caroline Jones is an Associate Professor Jones within the Speech & Language Program and the Director of Impact & Engagement of the MARCS Institute at Western Sydney University.

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Caroline Jones' research focuses on how we can increase the success and sustainability of Aboriginal language revitalization initiatives, how we can improve early language assessment and intervention, and what strategies support communication with elderly people. She is also interested in ways of making research more efficient and more accessible or participatory with new technology and is Deputy Leader of the CoEDL Future Technologies Thread.

Caroline's recent work with the Centre includes as lead compiler of the Ngarinyman to English Dictionary and as project leader on the ERLI (Early Language Inventory), a tool for assessing and researching Indigenous children’s language. 

Caroline received her PhD in Linguistics in 2003 from University of Massachusetts. Her previous academic positions were teaching-research roles in Education at University of New South Wales (Lecturer, 2005-07) and University of Wollongong (Senior Lecturer, 2007-13).


(This video was recorded at the Centre's annual member conference, CoEDLFest 2019.)

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