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Launch of the Centre's University of Queensland node

Learning, Processing, Technology

Date: 6 January 2015

The University of Queensland node of the Centre was launched on Thursday 15th January 2015 by the university's provost, Professor Max Lu. The great unveiling of the Centre logo preceded a series of engaging presentations by Janet Wiles ('Talking with robots'), Helen Chenery ('The dynamics of language in dementia'), Dan Angus ('The discursis communication analysis tool'), Felicity Meakins ('The rise and fall of languages: Language change in Australia'), Tina Knuepffer ('Language decline in dementia - Is sharing caring?'), Lydia Byrne ('Visualizing linguistic paradigms'), Cindy Gallois ('Communication accommodation in intergroup health encounters'), Myf Turpin ('Mapping the diversity of traditional Aboriginal song: Social and ecological significances for Australia'), Ben Matthews ('Interaction design in brief'), Peter Worthy ('Designing with physiological responses in social interactions') and Scott Heath ('Lingodroids: Learning shared lexicons for spatial specialists').
UQ node launch

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