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ANU zoom seminar: Launch of “Australian Languages Today”, a special issue of the journal Languages, 25 Feb

Australian National University, Outreach, Shape

Date: 3 February 2022

Seminar: Launch of “Australian Languages Today”, a special issue of the journal Languages

When: 25 Feb 2022, 3.30pm-5pm (AEDT)

Where: via zoom (please email for zoom link invitation)


We celebrate the completion of “Australian Languages Today”, a special issue of Languages, completed end 2021, with lightning online presentations of the papers of 4 minutes each. The Special Issue highlights works that add new perspectives to research on Australian languages, on a range of topics, and is edited by Elisabeth Mayer, Carmel O'Shannessy and Jane Simpson. 

It creates a timely locus of information for international and national audiences. With the UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages having begun, this Special Issue of Languages is an excellent forum for bringing together cutting-edge works on Australian languages for an international audience. Please join us to celebrate this milestone.


Identifying Salient Aktionsart Properties in Anindilyakwa by James Bednall Languages 20216(4), 164; 

Communities of Practice in the Warlpiri Triangle: Four Decades of Crafting Ideological and Implementational Spaces for Teaching in and of Warlpiri Language by Emma Browne and Fiona Gibson Napaljarri Languages 20216(2), 68;

On the Integration of Dative Adjuncts into Event Structures in Yapa Languages by Mitchell Browne Languages 20216(3), 136;

Multilingual Repertoires at Play: Structure and Function in Reported Speech Utterances of Alyawarr Children by Sally Dixon Languages 20216(2), 79; 

Exploring Phonological Aspects of Australian Indigenous Sign Languages by Eleanor JorgensenJennifer Green and Anastasia Bauer Languages 20216(2), 81;

“I Speak My Language My Way!”—Young People’s Kunwok by Alexandra Marley Languages 20216(2), 88; 

Reflexive and Reciprocal Encoding in the Australian Mixed Language, Light Warlpiri by Carmel O’Shannessy and Connor Brown Languages 20216(2), 105; 

Matjarr Djuyal: How Using Gesture in Teaching Gathang Helps Preschoolers Learn Nouns by Anjilkurri Radley,Caroline Jones,Jose Hanham and Mark Richards Languages 20216(2), 103; 

Enduring and Contemporary Code-Switching Practices in Northern Australia by Jill Vaughan Languages 20216(2), 90;   

Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Development of an Early Literacy App in Dhuwaya by Gillian Wigglesworth,Melanie Wilkinson,Yalmay Yunupingu,Robyn Beecham and Jake Stockley Languages 20216(2), 106;  

They Talk Muṯumuṯu: Variable Elision of Tense Suffixes in Contemporary Pitjantjatjara by Sasha Wilmoth,Rebecca Defina and Debbie Loakes Languages 20216(2), 69;  

Variable Modality in Pintupi-Luritja Purposive Clauses by James Gray Languages 20216(1), 52;   

Definiteness, Information Structure, and Indirect Modification in the Kunbarlang Noun Phrase by Ivan Kapitonov Languages 20216(3), 111; 

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