Wednesday 3 July

Wednesday will commence at 9:00 am in the Great Hall with a Plenary talk on History of tonal interaction across paradigms: new findings from Khoisan tonology by Hirosi Nakagawa.

Session streams will then take place from 10:40 am-12:20 pm.

Breaks for the day will include:

  • 10:05 am-10:35 am Morning tea 
  • 12:25 pm-12:55 pm Lunch
Following lunch, the afternoon will be left open for local excursions.

Great Hall sessions - Workshop: Computational and phylogenetic historical linguistics


C. Bowern 

Phylogenetic signal in the lexicon: are parental terms
influenced by baby talk?


L. Bromham

Solving Galton's problem: analysing patterns of language
diversity and evolution


X. Hua 

The ecological drivers of variation in global language diversity


Common Room sessions - Grammaticalisation


B. Joseph & A. Ralli 

Something out of Nothing: Degrammaticalizing grammaticalization


C. Dalle Ceste

Setting debonding in context


P. Petré & F. Van de Velde

Quantifiying grammaticalization beyond a variationist approach


Torrance sessions - Phonological/sound change


F. Burroni & S. Maspong 

Contrast Emergence, Preservation, and Loss:
A case study of initial geminates


O. Sayeed et al.

Scope expansion: an asymmetry in phonological change


R. Dockum

Is Tone Phonologically Atomic? The Significance of Syllable
Shape in Tone Diachrony


Scarth Room sessions - Syntax-semantics interface


S. Luraghi

Verbs of perception in Ancient Greek


A. Piotrowska

The diachrony of possessive expressions in 
Danish and Swedish


 J. Tiemann

Syntactic variation in Old Norwegian and the role of 
Information Structure

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