Friday 5 July

Friday will commence with a Plenary session: Language and the sweep of Indigenous history with Nick Evans and Jaky Troy from 9.00 am-10.00 am in the Great Hall.

Session streams will then take place from 10.40 am-16.55 pm

Breaks for the day will be at:

  • 10.05 am-10.35 am morning tea; 
  • 12.25 pm-12.55 pm lunch; and 
  • 15.15 pm-15.45 pm afternoon tea.

The last session of the day will be a Plenary talk by Nigel Vincent - The diachrony of control... and the control of diachrony from 17.00 pm-18.00 pm in the Great Hall.

Common Room sessions - Workshop: Reconciling lingusitic and genetic pasts


Workshop introduction


C. Bowern

Reconciling Australia's Linguistic and Genetic Past(s)


R. Gray et al.

Waves of history and layers of evidence: what can the combination
of linguistics and genetics tell us about the nature, timing and
impact of Papuan contact on the Austronesian languages of Vanuatu?


O. Vesakoski et al.

Genes and language in the prehistory of Uralic-speaking peoples



A. Berge

Signs of Prehistoric Language Shifts Involving Unangam Tunuu (Aleut)



U. Ansaldo & L. Lim

Language shift through typological adaptation


Workshop discussion

North Room sessions - Workshop: The history of Papuan languages and their speakers


B. Olsson & P. Rogers

Noun classification in a Trans-New Guinean outlier: the
Anim gender systems in historical perspective


M. Nose

The verb "finish" as a perfect in the Trans New Guinea languages:
a diachronic explanation


A. Pick

Proto Waskia-Amako and its relation to other
Papuan languages


Workshop discussion

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University