ICHL24 will run for the full week of July 1st to 5th with talks and workshops scheduled from 9am until 6pm. Wednesday 4th July will be a half-day, allowing time for the excursions in the afternoon.

See the full program here

From Sunday afternoon, the conference schedule will be available electronically through the EventsXD app as ICHL 2019.

Plenary sessions

The eight plenary sessions are at the beginning and end of most days and will be held in the Great Hall.

Monday 1 July

9:45am: Mary Walworth - Language contact and change on the Ocean(ic) highway

5:30pm: Anita Auer - Urbanisation, supralocalisation and the emergence of Standard English

Tuesday 2 July

9:00am: Johann-Mattis List: Open problems in computational historical linguistics
The handout for 
List's talk is here.

5:00pm: Chris Ballard - Historical contexts for language transformation in Melanesia

Wednesday 3 July

9:00am: Hirosi Nakagawa - History of tonal interaction across paradigms: new findings from Khoisan tonology

Thursday 4 July

9:00am: Felicity Meakins - Language diversification through the lens of rapid intergenerational change

Friday 5 July

9:00am: Nick Evans and Jaky Troy - Language and the sweep of indigenous history

5:00pm: Nigel Vincent - The diachrony of control ... and the control of diachrony

 Daily program with session abstracts:

The conference will be held at University House. Below is a floor plan to assist you in locating the rooms for sessions during the week. Sessions will occur in the Main (Great) Hall, Scarth Room, Common Room, Torrance Room, Fellows Room, North Room and Drawing Room.

University House floor plan

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