CoEDL concluded the Transdisciplinary and Innovation (TI) and Language Documentation (LD) schemes in 2020, having awarded over $1.1 million to support 81 projects since the funding program began in 2015.

Funding year

Language Documentation

Transdisciplinary & Innovation


Not available this year

$214,069.14 (20 projects)


$69,542.03 (6 projects)

$131,726.59 (9 projects)


$39,901.86 (4 projects)

$138,616.64 (9 projects)


$69,417.49 (7 projects)

$187,279.31 (13 projects)


$45,213.06 (6 projects)

$51,548.80 (3 projects)


$42,695.70 (5 projects)

$141,998.33 (9 projects)


$263,770.14 (28 projects)

$865,238.81 (63 projects)

The TI and LD schemes laid alongside much of what constitutes the lifeblood of the Centre. TI funding supported collaboration at all levels, with a focus on innovative projects by CoEDL members and Affiliates that linked research across programs and threads in new and unexpected ways. Introduced in 2016, the LD scheme was established to allow for broader support of language research and preservation.

Together, the schemes allowed CoEDL to support research in Australia and internationally that promotes the aims of the Centre. In some cases, these CoEDL-funded projects became springboards for further funding. They provided our postdocs and early career researchers opportunities to expand their research portfolios and practice grant applications with less at stake. The projects also allowed these researchers to explore avenues for their research beyond CoEDL, ensuring that our community members are supported in and prepared for the next steps of their career.

The result was a funding program that ensures the Centre’s legacy will continue beyond CoEDL’s lifetime in the form of innovative research that transforms the science of language.

Project final reports:

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University