James Stanford

James N. Stanford is Associate Professor of Linguistics at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. After completing a B.Sc. in Physics (1990), he spent 7 years in China before returning to the U.S. for graduate school (Ph.D. Linguistics, Michigan State University, 2007). He researches language variation and change in underrepresented indigenous communities, including acoustic sociophonetics and quantitative methods. He co-edited a volume on Variation in Indigenous Minority Languages (with Dennis Preston, 2009). With Dartmouth students, he also conducts dialect fieldwork in eastern New England, and he is currently preparing a book on New England English for Oxford University Press.

Peter TrudgillPeter Trudgill is a theoretical dialectologist who has held Professorships at the Universities of Reading, Essex, and Lausanne. He is currently Professor of Sociolinguistics at Agder University, Norway; Emeritus Professor of English Linguistics at Fribourg University; and Honorary Professor of Sociolinguistics at UEA. He has honorary doctorates from the Universities of Uppsala, East Anglia, and La Trobe University. He is the author of Dialects in Contact; New-Dialect Formation: The Inevitability of Colonial Englishes; and Sociolinguistic Typology: Social Determinants of Linguistic Complexity.


  • Australian Government
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