Getting There

Proposed flight times

Qantas Flights Melbourne Sydney Canberra Adelaide
to Brisbane Thursday 27/2 Various Various Various Various
to Brisbane Friday 28/2 7.10am, arrive 8.20am 8.00am, arrive 8.30am 6.50am, arrive 7.35am 6.00am. arrive 7.55am
from Brisbane Sunday 1/3 5.10pm, arrive 8.30pm 5.05pm, arrive 7.40pm 5.05pm, arrive 9.10pm 4.35pm, arrive 9.15pm
from Brisbane Monday 2/3 4.10pm arrive 7.30pm 4.05pm, arrive 6.40pm 4.10pm, arrive 7.00pm 4.10pm, arrive 9.15pm

For participants coming from Perth, you will need to travel on Thursday to arrive for the start of ALW.

Ground travel

On Friday morning, aim to get on the 9:55am water taxi run by Straddie Flyer from Toondah Harbour, Cleveland. Compatible train and ride share details below in 1. The Research station is a 5min walk from One Mile Jetty – see map below.

1.  Ground Airport or City to Dunwich aiming to get on the 9:55am Straddie Flyer

Travel alternatives Departure times to arrive for 9.55am Straddie Flyer Cost Directions
Taxi/Uber from Airport to Toondah Harbour, Cleveland + Straddie Flyer According to arrival time

Approx. $60 Uber

Approx. $120 Taxi

$10 for Straddie Flyer
For alternative see also Bricklane
Train Brisbane City to Cleveland train station + Straddie Flyer shuttle bus + Straddie Flyer 8:20am train from Roma St Station, arrive at 9:20am

$6.16 for train

$10 for Straddie Flyer
Translink website will provide you with train times
Drive to Cleveland (private vehicle) & Car Ferry to Dunwich (Stradbroke Ferries) Ferry 9.30am, arrive 10.15am $86 five passengers Book online in advance, arrive 15 mins before departure

Travelling home on Sunday afternoon? Ground travel options for airport arrival at around 4.30pm are below in 2.

2.  Ground Travel Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island to Airport Sunday 1st for 4.30 pm airport arrival

Travel alternatives Departure times to arrive at airport at 4.30pm Cost Directions

Straddie Flyer + Uber/Taxi

2.25pm passenger ferry + drive

$10 + $60-$120  

Airport to Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island 

Airport to Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island map

One Mile Jetty, Dunwich to Moreton Bay Research Station 5min

One Mile Jetty, Dunwich to Moreton Bay Research Station 5mi map

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University