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The program for ALW is available here... Thursday 3 March (ANU) Southern Kinship: From Fison and Howitt to AustKin and beyond Patrick McConvell Fison and Howitt (1880) harnessed the methods of Lewis H... Morgan in his world-wide survey of kinship systems (1871), aided by the crucial discovery of Dravidian systems in

PagePlenary panel: Comparability

Thursday 14 December 1... 30pm Plenary Panel: Comparability [(Session Chair Masha Koptjevskaja-Tamm)] featuring Rachel Nordlinger (University of Melbourne), Jean-Christophe Verstraete (University of Leuven) and Hilary Chappell (L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales-Centre de Recherches Linguistiques sur l'Asie

ArticleCommunity in Kakuma refugee camp inspires linguists

Posted 26 June 2017

When Patrick Owaa arrived in the Kakuma refugee camp in Northern Kenya from his homeland in the Lopit Mountains of South Sudan, he was only 15... That was 20 years ago... Today, having spent more than half his life in the camp, Patrick is taking a leading role as president of the Lopit Community Association in Kakuma

ArticleLinguistics Roadshow conquers country Victoria, national media, the world...

Posted 30 November 2015

Those who haven't been sleeping under a rock will know that the Linguistics Roadshow is a CoEDL-sponsored initiative featuring the linguistically dynamic trio of Katie Jepson, Rosey Billington and Jill Vaughan... What do these superheroes do?   The roadies have developed a travelling interactive workshop about the sc

ArticleExploring Indigenous multilingualisms: New research shows how linguistic diversity persists and evolves

Posted 2 November 2018

In Indigenous communities that support many small languages, multilingualism is sustained through quite different processes to what has been found in migrant communities, which have been much more thoroughly researched... Studying these Indigenous communities can tell us how linguistic diversity evolves and is maintai

ArticleMeet the remote Indigenous community where a few thousand people use 15 different languages

Posted 11 December 2018

On Australia’s remote north-central coast, the small community of Maningrida is remarkable for many reasons, writes Dr Jill Vaughan... Maningrida boasts dramatic coastal scenery, world-renowned bark and sculptural artists, skilled weavers and textile printers, and unique local wildlife... But Maningrida is extra


The forums will take place in the Springbank/Canberry Rooms of the Crawford Building, ANU... February Synthesis and discussion Round table commentary by respondents, followed by open discussion...


Monday 13 February Investigating small-scale multilingual communities: an Marie-France Duhamel (ANU/CoEDL) Slides


Wednesday 27 February 1... Nicholas Evans, Stephen Levinson in distinctions oflineality/collaterality, and so on)? There has been little discussion of how to view and analyse what occurs as formerly universalist kinship becomes less so, despite some recent work on the replacement, and retention, of kin term usages

PageCourses and Instructors

For information on how to pursue courses for credit, see our Information about taking courses for credit... is the director of the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme at SOAS, University of London... She has worked on the on multimodality and language use with a focus on the interplay of manual gesture and s

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