Preferred Deposit Formats

We will generate access versions of all audio files (.mp3) and video (.mp4) files, allowing for easy online streaming. Below is a list of what files we would prefer to receive from you.


Files from you


.wav, .aiff, .mp3* (16bit 48khz, or as close to the archival 24bit 96khz as possible)


.mts (AVCHD), .avi., .mov, .mpg*


.txt, .xml, .pdf, .rtf


.eaf, .xml




.tif, .jpg

* If you have files such as .mp3 (audio) or .mpg (video), we will certainly accept them; however, if you are collecting new recordings, please avoid these formats, as they are lossy, compressed formats.

Regarding Toolbox and FLEx files, while .rtf or .pdf is acceptable, it is preferable that you deposit full-content versions of your projects. As an example of Toolbox files in PARADISEC, take a look at the NT8 collection:


“Texts are in interlinear format. Toolbox requires settings files (TYP) that accompany the main data. Thus the file NT8-TEXT-DIC_[DATE].txt has the accompanying file NT8-TEXT-DICTYP_[DATE].txt. The collection of texts in NT8-TEXT-TX_[DATE].txt has the TYP file in NT8-TEXT-TXTYP_[DATE].txt.”

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University