Public Lectures


Prof Kendall King
Lecture: Globalization, its discontents, and the future of multilingualism
Melbourne, 6 April 

Dr Evan Kidd
Lecture: Learning a first language
CoEDL Fest 2017, Brisbane, 9 February


Assoc Prof Felicity Cox
Lecture: The Australian Accent: Origins and Evolution
CoEDL Summer School 2016, Melbourne, 1 Dec 

Prof Janet Wiles
Lecture: Talking with Robots
Talk@google, 9 November

Dr Felicity Meakins
Lecture: Maintaining a multilingual mindset: Indigenous Australian languages since 1788
Multilingual Reportories & Multilingual Discourse Conference, Sydney, 26 Oct 

Prof Joseph Lo Bianco
Lecture: Securing the Future: Multilingualism as a Social Resource 
Symposium on Bilingualism and Multilingualism in Schools in the Oceania-Pacific Region, Canberra, 17 Oct 

Assoc Prof Rachel Nordlinger
Lecture: Languages
Melbourne Social Equity Institute and Researchers for Asylum Seekers Lecture Series, Melbourne, 10 Oct

Dr Evan Kidd
Seminar: Is play important? What do imaginary friends tell us about kids?
Night at the Museum - 50th Play School anniversary, National Museum of Australia, Canberra, 17 June 

Prof Nick Evans
Seminar: Unspoken, unheard: When our languages fall silent, what do we lose with them? 
Adelaide, 25 May 

Dr Ulrike Mosel
Seminar: Compilation and exploration of corpora of under-researched languages
Canberra, 22 April

Dr Nigel Fabb
Lecture: Verbal Art
3 March 

Tim Brookes
Lecture: Endangered alphabet exhibition
23 February 

Prof Janet Wiles
Lecture: Talking with robots
CoEDL Fest 2016, Sydney, 9 February

Elizabeth Ellis, Jenny Green, Inge Kral & Jane Simpson
Lecture: Being language
CoEDL Fest 2016, Sydney, 8 February


Carmel O'Shannassy
Lecture: React locally: How language creation can be a response to global language pressure
17 March 

Jenny Green
Lecture: Sand, song, sign and language: Narrative traditions from the Central Desert
17 August

Prof Anne Cutler
Lecture: How the language we speak guides the way we listen
Canberra, 4 February

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  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University

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