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This is a searchable bibliography of all relevant research produced by our Centre members since 2014. Many of these publications can be downloaded as pdfs via our Zotero group or through the digital repositories of the researchers' home institutions. Search for the author's name at the permanent repositories managed by the Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland and Western Sydney University.

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  1. Research, Records and Responsibility: Ten years of PARADISEC


    Amanda Harris, Nick Thieberger, and Linda Barwick. 2015-10-02. Research, Records and Responsibility: Ten years of PARADISEC. : Sydney University Press.


  2. PARADISEC: its history and future


    Thieberger, Nick, Barwick, Linda, and Harris, Amanda. 2015. "PARADISEC: its history and future". In Research, Records and Responsibility: ten years of PARADISEC, 1-16. Sydney: Sydney University Press.

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