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Summer scholars

Australian National University

Date: 20 November 2017

The ANU and CoEDL welcomed seven summer students to campus today. Each will attend the CoEDL summer school next week before embarking on separate projects.

Sarah Crafter (UniMelb) and Elena Sheard (UniSyd) will be working on the Sydney Speaks project. Nicole Harris (UWA) will be working on tools for analysis and visualisation, also within the Sydney Speaks team.

Georgie Buck (UWA) will be based at CSIRO working with the team from the Australian National Herbarium to explore the opportunities and challenges of adding Indigenous names to specimens in the collection. Celine Murray, from the University of Otago in NZ, will work with the Wellsprings Laureate team to carry out, transcribe and help analyse sociolinguistic interviews in Cootamundra.

Marcella Maloney (UniMelb) will be involved in the development of course materials for an online course teaching Bininj Kunwok language and culture.  Ellison Luk (UniSyd) will assist with language data analysis and data organisation of Central Australian and Western Desert languages.

The summer scholarship program is offered as a partnership between the ANU and CoEDL and is an exceptional research opportunity for undergraduate and masters coursework students to gain insight into graduate research and stretch boundaries. The eight-week program runs until January 19. Summer scholarships are sponsored by CoEDL’s industry partner Appen, the Department of Defence and the Australian National Herbarium.

Photo at top: left to right in back row are Sarah Crafter, Celine Murray, Georgie Buck. Front: Elana Sheard, Ellison Luk, Marcella Maloney, Nicole Harris.


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