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Recirculating Songs


Date: 24 November 2017

Recirculating Songs, edited by Jim Wafer and Myfany Turpin, is the first book that gives an overview of the revival of classical Aboriginal singing traditions across Australia. It follows from the ALW workshop organised by Jim Wafer on revitalising Aboriginal songs held at the ANU in 2015.

A large number of Indigenous people presented and participated at this workshop and some of their contributions are in this book, including that of Clint Bracknell, Andrew Morumburri Dowding, Rona Googninda Charles, Raymond Kelly,  David Winungudj Manmurulu, Jenny Manmurulu and Toby Whaleboat.

There are also many CoeDL members who are authors of Chapters in the book including Clint Bracknell, Ruth Singer, Nick Evans, Mary Laughren, Myfany Turpin, Isabel O'Keefe, and Reuben Brown. 

The book provides broad coverage of the revitalization of singing traditions and the various strategies being implemented or proposed to reverse further decline of the Indigenous knowledge base. In some communities, the ancestral musical culture is still being transmitted across generations; in others it is partially remembered, and being revitalised with the assistance of heritage recordings and written documentation; but in many parts of Australia, intergenerational transmission has been interrupted, and in these cases, revitalisation depends on research and restoration.

This book provides insights that may be helpful for Indigenous people and communities, and the researchers and educators who work with them.

Hunter Press has partnered with Asia–Pacific Linguistics, ANU, to publish this the book. Links below:-



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