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Binjari Buk


Date: 8 March 2017

CoEDL PhD Denise Angelo is working with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation on a series of children's books in Kriol that are being written by Aboriginal women from the community of  Binjari  in the Northern Territory. 

This collaboration has grown from the Kriol literacy workshops requested by community members while Denise has been conducting fieldwork on Kriol in the community. There have been a number of books generated so far. Here are some examples:

Moli det bigibigi  'Molly the pig', by Karen Manbulloo, is a lively tale about a pig who who has grown very big on eating Weet Bix and is a match for any dog. 

Olkainawan kalawan loli  'Lollies of many different colours' by Amelia Raymond and Tudei en Longtaim about life 'Now and Then' by Stella Raymond are designed as early primers. 

There is also a handbook on 'Instructing children in fishing know-how' Fishing - lenimbat ola biginini by Marilyn Frith. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation will fund a children's book artist to attend the next literacy workshop, after which these books will be published and distributed in Kriol-speaking communities in the Katherine area.

Binjari Books project poster

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