Nick Evans - Prof Nick Evans is the head of the Social Cognition Parallel Corpus Project and will be leading the workshop. He will contribute data from Dalabon (Gunwinyguan, Australia) for the corpus.

Danielle Barth - Dr Danielle Barth is a postdoctoral researcher at the Australian National University who specializes in quantitative corpus linguistics. She will work on overall corpus architecture and harmonisation. She will contribute data from  Matukar Panau (Austronesian, Papua New Guinea) for the workshop.

Mengistu Amberber - Dr Mengistu Amberber teaches at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. His main research interests include lexical semantics and the semantics-syntax interface with particular reference to transitivity alternations and complex predicates. For the social cognition project, he will work on the Amharic language.

I Wayan Arka - A/Prof  I Wayan Arka is a senior research fellow at the department of linguistics, College of Asia and the Pacific. He will contribute data from Balinese for the workshop.

Greg Dickson - Dr Greg Dickson is researching geographic variation in Australian Kriol via a Postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Queensland node of CoEDL. For over a decade he has worked on various languages of Northern Australia as a community linguist and completed a PhD at ANU in 2015 on cultural adaptations that accompany language shift.

Gabrielle Hodge - Dr Gabrielle Hodge is a linguist at La Trobe University specialising in deaf signed languages. Her doctoral research (2014, Macquarie University) used the Auslan Corpus to investigate how to identify and describe clause structure in signed languages. She will contribute Auslan data from deaf native signers in Melbourne.

Tom Honeyman - Tom Honeyman is a researcher in school of Culture, History and Language at the Australian National University, working on languages spoken in Papua New Guinea. He is currently working on a corpus of child language acquisition materials for the language Ku Waru, and will contribute materials to the workshop from the Papuan language Momu.

Eri Kashima - Eri Kashima is a doctoral candidate at the Australian National University. Her doctoral thesis is on the Papuan language Nambo, but for the social cognition project she will be contributing to the analysis of Japanese. 

Barbara Kelly – Dr Barbara Kelly teaches in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at The University of Melbourne. She is interested in the interaction between language, culture, and cognition across the lifespan.  For the social cognition project she will contribute data from English and Sherpa. 

John Mansfield - Dr John Mansfield is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne. He researches morphology, phonology and sociolinguistic variation in northern Australian languages. For this workshop he will be contributing data from the Murrinhpatha language. His data includes distinctive samples from older, more tradition-oriented speakers, and younger, more urban-oriented speakers.

Alan Rumsey - Prof Alan Rumsey is a linguistic anthropologist at the Australian National University.  He will contribute data from Ku Waru, a Papuan Language of the Trans-New Guinea family, spoken in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. 

Stefan Schnell - Dr Stefan Schnell is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Linguistics at the University of Melbourne and CoEDL. His research focuses on corpus-based studies of argument realisation and discourse structure across diverse languages. Stefan will contribute data from the Oceanic language Vera’a spoken in North Vanuatu.

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