ANU Language Lab

The ANU Language Lab, based in the Research School of Psychology, was founded in 2012, and is headed by Associate Professor Evan Kidd.

Our research focuses on language processing and language acquisition. We conduct a range of projects investigating a range of populations (e.g., infants, children, adults) and languages (e.g., English, Cantonese, German, and Finnish).

A big focus of the lab is on understanding the causes and consequences of individual differences in language acquisition and processing across the lifespan. As part of this focus we are running the CoEDL-funded Canberra Longitudinal Child Language Project (CLCL Project). The project follows 100+ typically-developing children from the age of 9 months to 5 years, and will document and explain how early language processing skills in infancy influence language development up until children reach primary school. 

Alongside the CLCL Project, several other studies are ongoing, including a newly funded ARC Discovery Project investigating the role of statistical learning in later language and literacy acquisition, studies of grammatical development, work on symbolic play and language development, work on Australian English, and work with CoEDL members on language processing and production of Australian indigenous languages.

The lab has strong links with CoEDL partners at The University of Manchester, the University of Liverpool, Cornell University, and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

For updates on lab activities head to our Facebook page.

The Language Lab team are:

Evan Kidd

Associate Professor Evan Kidd

Evan is an Associate Professor in the Research School of Psychology at The Australian National University, and a CI in COEDL. He has worked in various research institutions across Australia and Europe, beginning his current role at ANU in 2012. For more information see.

Amanda PiperAmanda Piper

Amanda is a mum of two, who has a background in Psychology, and has previously worked with Evan Kidd tutoring in Developmental Psychology here at The Australian National University.

She will assume her role taking care of the CLCL cohort, testing and coordinating the project, and managing the Lab, from mid-February 2018.
Tara Spokes

Dr Tara Spokes

Tara has been with the Lab since April 2015, conducting the the Electroencephalograpgy (EEG) testing sessions with our 9-month-old CLCL participants. Her PhD research investigated the changes in brain activity associated with aging. For more information see.  

Seamus DonnellyDr Seamus Donnelly

Seamus joined the Lab in 2016,travelling from New York to take up a post-doctoral position with us. He completed hisPhD research at the Graduate Centre at the City University of York, investigating the effects of bilingualism on cognition.

Sara QuinnSara Quinn

Sara has recently submitted her PhD research, which investigated the relationship between imaginative play and language acquisition in infants aged 18 – 14 months. She also works as a clinical psychologist.

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