Wednesday 3 July

Wednesday will commence at 9:00 am in the Great Hall with a Plenary talk by Hirosi Nakagawa.

Session streams will then take place from 10:40 am-12:20 pm.

Breaks for the day will include:

  • 10:05 am-10:35 am Morning tea 
  • 12:25 pm-12:55 pm Lunch
Following lunch, the afternoon will be left open for local excursions.

Common Room sessions - Grammaticalisation


B. Joseph & A. Ralli 

Something out of Nothing: Degrammaticalizing grammaticalization


C. Dalle Ceste

Setting debonding in context


P. Petré & F. Van de Velde

Quantifiying grammaticalization beyond a variationist approach


Torrance sessions - Phonological/sound change


F. Burroni & S. Maspong 

Contrast Emergence, Preservation, and Loss:
A case study of initial geminates


O. Sayeed et al.

Scope expansion: an asymmetry in phonological change


R. Dockum

Is Tone Phonologically Atomic? The Significance of Syllable
Shape in Tone Diachrony


Scarth Room sessions - Syntax-semantics interface


J. Oliver

Change at the syntax-semantics interface: the case of "run"


S. Luraghi

Verbs of perception in Ancient Greek


A. Piotrowska

The diachrony of possessive expressions in
Danish and Swedish

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  • Australian National University
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