Thursday 4 July

Thursday will commence with a Plenary talk: Language diversification through the lens of rapid intergenerational change by Felicity Meakins from 9.00 am-10.00 am in the Great Hall.

Session streams will then take place from 10.40am-16.55pm

Breaks for the day will be at:

  • 10.05 am-10.35 am morning tea; 
  • 12.25 pm-12.55 pm lunch; and 
  • 15.15 pm-15.45 pm afternoon tea.

The last session of the day will be the ISHL Business meeting from 15.50 pm-16.50 pm.

There will also be an outreach event for high school students, Language Across Time, held in the China in the World Lotus Hall from 13.30 pm-14.30 pm. 

The conference dinner will be held this evening.

Drawing room sessions - Variation and change


C. Travis et al.

The role of ethnolectal variation in language change: A real time study of vowels in Sydney English


X. Yao & P. Collins

Developments in Australian English Grammar from 1931 to 2006: An Aggregate Approach to Dialectal Variation and Change


W. Fimone

Understanding the history of Rotuman variation: Evidence from the comparative method and apparent time construct


R. Bernander et al.

Variation and change in locational and existential constructions in Western Serengeti




E. Gunleifsen

The use of du as personal pronoun in the speech of young people in Southern Norway – a real time study




G. Rambo

Linguistic Landscapes in Northern Norway - Language History and Language Policy


T. Feleke

Linguistic Distance and Mutual Intelligibility among South Ethiosemitic Languages: A Combined Approach

Fellows room sessions - Structural motivations for change


B. Joseph

Is structure all there is in language change?


G. Trousdale

Network structure and predisposition to language change


L. Denk

Salient phonotactic domains as contexts favoring less predictable inflection

Fellows room sessions - Development of inflection


I. De Smet

A quantitative analysis of twelve centuries of preterite and past participle morphology


S. Karim

Competition Between Formatives and the Diversity of Ezafat


M. Maddox

Patterns of Object Movement and the Object Agreement Cycle from Latin to Spanish

Scarth room sessions - Reconstructing language history in context


L. Cerqueglini

Non-Arabic Names of Utensils in Traditional Palestinian Dialects Spoken in Israel: Toward a Historical Sociolinguistics of the Holy Land


S. Morey & K. van Dam

Material culture and agriculture in Tangsa (Naga) languages – evidence from Tai borrowings and traditional song texts


G. Hyslop

Reconstructable culture in East Bodish

Scarth room sessions - Morphology: Austronesian voice markers


L. Reid

Abductive Spread of Reanalyzed Quotative Index Forms


W. McConvell

More cases of agent markers becoming passive/undergoer voice markers? Evidence from Sulawesi

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