Meet the 2015 UQ Summer Scholars

CoEDL has supported four research interns from UQ, ANU, the University of Melbourne and the University of Adelaide for the last two months in the University of Queensland Summer Research Student (SRS) Program. The interns have worked with Amanda Hamilton, Felicity Meakins and David Osgarby on two projects building searchable corpora of two Australian languages. CoEDL also provided support for students to attend the inaugural CoEDL Summer School in Sydney in December.

Photo: UQ Summer Research Team (l-r) Elizabeth Hall (UQ), Celeste Humphris (U-Adelaide), Kate Charlwood (U-Melb), David Osgarby (UQ), Yuka Morinaga (ANU), Amanda Hamilton (UQ), Felicity Meakins (UQ)

Celeste Humphris (U-Adelaide) and Yuka Morinaga (ANU) have added enormous value to an existing corpus of Mudburra language materials created by Rebecca Green by matching up each section of each audio file with its corresponding page in the original linguist’s fieldnotes. Before this, the audio and written Mudburra corpora existed as separate entities; now, with these detailed cross-references added, the whole collection has become markedly more informative and discoverable. Yuka and Celeste’s work will have both a long-term positive impact on the usefulness of the Mudburra corpus as well as providing immediate benefits to the ongoing Traditional Mudburra documentation and Mudburra language contact projects.

Kate Charlwood (U-Melb) and Elizabeth Hall (UQ) have made significant contributions to the Gurindji Kriol corpus, using CLAN to transcribe, sound link and annotate recordings from Gurindji children. They have also been finessing the search-ability of the corpus with Jackie van den Bos (UQ) and Sasha Wilmoth (Appen). The team have produced a database of 70 speakers coded for 200 grammatical and lexical variables. This database has significantly scaled-up the data available for studies of language change and will form the basis of a number of studies of language variation and evolution with Simon Greenhill (ANU).

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