Past Recruitment

The following previously advertised positions are now closed

Australian National University

University of Queensland

University of Melbourne

University of Western Sydney

Partner Institutions

Hong Kong University

Working with Associate Investigator Professor Brendan Weekes, applications are invited for the following position:

We recruited a number of three-year postdoctoral positions for the first phase of the Centre’s activities, starting from late 2014 through to mid 2015. Each of these positions was open to international competition, is based in the University most appropriate to their project, and selected by a subset of the Centre’s personnel.

Fellowships advertised in 2014

  1. Language evolution focusing on structural systems (Simon Greenhill, ANU)
  2. Human prehistory and language phylogeny (Simon Greenhill, ANU)
  3. Child language acquisition, focusing on a language of the Asia-Pacific region (Alan Rumsey, ANU)
  4. Deep history of language, connecting models of the evolution of language with models of the evolution of human cognition and social behaviour, using accounts of the evolution of human social behaviour to constrain models of the evolution of language (Kim Sterelny, ANU)
  5. Multigenerational documentation of Murrinh-Patha (or another strong Australian language such as Arrernte, Yolngu Matha, etc) (Rachel Nordlinger, UMelb)
  6. Corpus development for lesser-described languages, aimed at building corpora and also at developing methods and tools for corpus development in language documentation projects (Nick Thieberger, UMelb)
  7. Longitudinal study of Indigenous children's first language acquisition (Jill Wigglesworth, UMelb)
  8. Urban multicultural language learning (Paola Escudero, UWS)
  9. Cross-linguistic processing (Anne Cutler, UWS)
  10. Longitudinal child learning of North Australian Kriol (Caroline Jones, UWS)
  11. Language contact and/or contact languages in Australia (UQ)
  12. Computational analysis of natural speech and language (Helen Chenery / Janet Wiles, UQ)
  13. Mechatronics Engineer (Janet Wiles, UQ)
  14. Robot languages (Janet Wiles, UQ)

Fellowships advertised in 2015

  1. Corpus-building and cross-corpus data-mining for indigenous and regional languages (Jane Simpson, ANU / Nick Thieberger, UMelb)
  2. Shaping communication - prosody in Australian languages / Languages of Vanuatu / New Caledonia (Janet Fletcher, UMelb)
  3. Papuan languages: fieldwork-based description of an underdescribed Papuan language (Nick Evans, ANU)
  4. Semi-parallel corpus-building focussing on categories in social cognition – for this (jointly-funded) position, knowledge and scientific connections with Germany are required (Nick Evans, ANU)
  5. Australianist corpus linguist in Warumungu (Jane Simpson, ANU)
  6. Language microevolution (Catherine Travis, ANU)
  7. A longitudinal study of children’s language processing (Evan Kidd, ANU)

If you would like more information on a position that is not currently advertised, please contact

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University