Course abstract - Kalyan & Skirgard

Course: Practical R for linguists

Instructors: Siva Kalyan, Hedvig Skirgård (ANU)

Description: Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over in Excel? Do you wish your plots were pretty like the ones in journals? Don't despair — come and learn R! In this course you will learn to manage and visualise your language data using R. We will learn how to tidy data using tidyverse, how to search data, and how to create basic plots using ggplot2. The course will be suitable for people who are unfamiliar with programming. (However, given the time available, it doesn't cover statistical theory or specific statistical methods.)


Day 1: Introduction to R and RStudio

Day 2: Tidyverse functions for data cleaning illustrated with a small corpus.

Day 3: More work with R packages, using your own data

Day 4: Plotting using ggplot2, with phonetic and typological data

Information for students registered for this course

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