The 2018 Summer School program offers courses in streams over four days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 26-30 November 2018. Each course consists of four 1.5 hour sessions over the four days. Each course will have the same timeslot each day. There will also be optional workshops also available on Wednesday (more details to follow).

Program for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Downloadable PDF of the daily program






Session 1

Courses available:

Stephen Levinson Masterclass - The ‘Interaction Engine’ and the foundations of language


Morning tea


Session 2

Courses available:

  1. Practical R for linguists – Siva Kalyan, Hedvig Skirgård
  2. Linguistic Field Methods – Nicholas Evans (ANU), Jeffrey Aniba-Waia (Limited spaces - 16) - COURSE IS FULL
  3. Marrying academic linguistics and community-based linguistics – Leanne Hinton
  4. Machines can do the work, can't they? Machine Learning for linguists – Daan van Esch and guests




Session 3

Courses available:

  1. Visualizing Language Data for Analysis and Communication – Lydia Byrne
  2. Corpus Linguistics of Language Documentation – Sally Rice 
  3. #LingComm - Communicating linguistics to non-linguists  Gretchen McCulloch
  4. The Dynamics of Australian Indigenous Languages – Alice Gaby


Afternoon tea


Session 4

Courses available:

  1. A practical user's guide to MAUS: Theory, applications, and troubleshooting – Debbie Loakes, Hywel Stoakes, Katie Jepson
  2. Reconstructing the past: phylogenies and dates from DNA and languages – Lindell Bromham, Simon Greenhill 
  3. Multimodal communication: tools and techniques for analysis – Barb Kelly, Jenny Green (Limited spaces - 20) - COURSE IS FULL
  4. Machines can do the work, can't they? Machine Learning for linguists – Daan van Esch and guests

6pm onwards

Non-course events

Program for optional Wednesday activities




Workshops available:

  1. Linguistics Roadshow training session - Katie Jepson, Rosey Billington and Jill Vaughan
  2. App design - conceptualisation - Skye Doherty 


"clinic" / "genius bar" (various)

Do you need some tailored advice on a research methodology? Are you entering the academic job market? Preparing a grant or fellowship? Need some tips on getting the most from your fieldwork? This clinic will offer summer school attendees a chance to have informal discussions on research and academic issues with a number of our summer school presenters. Come along with your questions and join one of the small groups to discuss your research challenges in a small group setting. This session is open to all.


Workshops available:

  1. (Tor)menting (a get together for CoEDL mentors/mentees)
  2. Creating and running linguistic 'escape room' outreach events - Rachel Hendery


Workshops available:

  1. Film-making - Darja Hoenigman
  2. Opie Robots: Developing language material and building your own robot - Scott Heath, Janet Wiles and Carlos Ramirez Brinez


Workshops available:

  1. Research data management and archiving - Julia Miller
  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University

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