ECR & Student Sub-Committee

The Centre has an Early Career Researchers (ECR) and Higher Degree Research (HDR) Student Sub-Committee that reports to the Executive Committee. All Centre ECRs and students are encouraged to talk to their represenatives about any issues/suggestions on the Centre's directions and organisation. The committee reports regularly to the Centre's Executive Committee. 

The Sub-Committee's role

  • To ensure that ECRs and students are represented and can have an impact on Centre directions and management
  • To ensure that communication of information about events and activities occurs across and within nodes
  • To provide ECR and students with a local point of contact to assist in identifying any issues or challenges
  • To assist in the communication of Centre research directions across nodes (by setting up a regular broadcast of interviews/talks of local members)
  • To assist in the Centre's induction process for new members

Sub-Committee Members

Rosey Billington UM Node ECR Representative

Rosey Billington

Recent Publications

  1. Lexical tone in Lopit


    Rosey Billington. 2015. "Lexical tone in Lopit". In Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, Scotland.

Joshua Clothier UM Node Student Representative

Joshua Clothier

Recent Publications

  1. An Investigation of the /el/–/æl/ Merger in Australian English: A Pilot Study on Production and Perception in South-West Victoria


    Deborah Loakes, Joshua Clothier, John Hajek, and Janet Fletcher. October 2, 2014. "An Investigation of the /el/–/æl/ Merger in Australian English: A Pilot Study on Production and Perception in South-West Victoria." Australian Journal of Linguistics. 34 (4): 436-452. doi: 10.1080/07268602.2014.929078.

  2. Identifying /el/-/æl/: A comparison between two regional towns


    Janet Fletcher, Deborah Loakes, John Hajek, and Joshua Clothier. 2014. "Identifying /el/-/æl/: A comparison between two regional towns". In Proceedings of the 15th Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology 2-5 December 2014, 41-44. Christchurch, New Zealand.

James Grama ANU Node ECR Representative

James Grama

Tina Gregor ANU Node Student Representative

Tina Gregor

Amanda Hamilton-Hollaway UQ Node Student Representative

Amanda Hamilton-Hollaway

Mark Richards WSU Node Student Representative

Mark Richards

Catalina Torres Orjuela UM Node Student Representative

Catalina Torres Orjuela

Luis Miguel Rojas-Berscia UQ Node ECR Representative

Luis Miguel Rojas-Berscia

  • Title: UQ Node ECR Representative
  • Program: Shape/Evolution
Alba Tuninetti WSU Node ECR Representative

Alba Tuninetti

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University