60+ years of linguistics at ANU

6-7 August 2020

Linguistics has been a key discipline of ANU for over 60 years. In August 2020, we will be holding an event to celebrate the role ANU has played in shaping the field of linguistics on a national and international level, and the understanding of languages of Australia and the region. All alumni, associates and friends of ANU linguistics are warmly invited to come to discuss their ideas about language, linguistics research and how a knowledge of linguistics can be applied to different areas of life, national debates, policy and infrastructure relating to languages.

The conference will be run as a two-day event, 6-7 August, with an informal reception on the evening of the 5th August'. As well as standard conference presentations there will be a panel discussion by ANU graduates who have pursued a career outside academia, on different career paths for linguists, a public lecture and a conference dinner.

All ANU alumni and associates are welcome to submit abstracts. We will select papers from these abstracts to ensure good coverage across fields, and the inclusion of a diversity of presenters. 

Specific themes of focus will be:

  • History of linguistics at the ANU, including personal accounts or reminiscences from any point since it inception

  • Pathways after linguistics, including those where linguistic training has led outside academia
  • Linguistic diversity and the challenges it poses
  • Grammar-writing and typology
  • Australian indigenous languages 
  • Asia and Pacific languages
  • Historical linguistics – language change and language contact
  • Semantics
  • Public policy and public benefits: language in education, in the law, and in healthcare

We will call for abstracts in a separate announcement. For now, if you are interested, please note these dates in your diary and bookmark this site.

Nick Evans, Jane Simpson, Catherine Travis

  • Australian Government
  • The University of Queensland
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Western Sydney University